Find Myanmar Dialling Area Codes

Trying to make a call to Myanmar ? Look for all the area codes and trunk codes for Myanmar below. Also find the dialling codes and related info for 47 other countries.

Area code, also known as dialling code is a pre- set group of numbers that represents a particular city, district or state. The code is usually placed ahead of the number to be dialed. These dialling codes also help to trace the origin of unknown incoming or outgoing calls (numbers).

Codes as such can be of the following types depending on the type of the call the caller wants to make:

Also learn to make a call anywhere within Myanmar and also from Myanmar to any other country of your choice.

# Area Name ISD Code Trunk Code Area Code
1 Bassein 95 0 42
2 Meiktila 95 0 64
3 Prome 95 0 53
4 Magwe 95 0 63
5 Mawlamyine 95 0 57
6 Sittwe 95 0 43
7 Mandalay 95 0 2
8 Pegu 95 0 52
9 Yangon 95 0 1
Disclaimer: We do not reveal the exact location of the number for individual security reasons. Due to Mobile Number Portability (MNP), we cannot assure that the Network Operator shown on this website for a number would be still right. But the location of the traced number would be the same even if the user might have opted for MNP.