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ISD code or International Subscriber Dialing code is a unique code specific to a country, necessary to make an international call. Find the ISD code of any country under a minute by using the search box given below. Simply enter the name of the country and click ‘Search ISD Code’.

You can also find the country by its ISD name. Simply enter the ISD code and click on the ‘Find Country’ tab. The required information will be displayed in less than a minute.

The country code (specific to the country you want to call) along with the area code and the recipient number is needed altogether to make an overseas call. Now get the ISD codes info with a single tap.

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Find Country Name by ISD Code

Disclaimer: We do not reveal the exact location of the number for individual security reasons. Due to Mobile Number Portability (MNP), we cannot assure that the Network Operator shown on this website for a number would be still right. But the location of the traced number would be the same even if the user might have opted for MNP.