Area-wise Pin Codes of Nicobar, AN

Up to dated area-wise list of pin codes. Different locations / areas with-in the Nicobar can have different pin codes assigned. These pin codes are necessary to identify a particular area in the district. (Nicobar in this case.)

The concept of Pin Code was first introduced in the year 1972 on August 15th. It is used by Post and Telegraph Department primarily.

Area-wise list of pin codes / postal codes of Nicobar

Following is the list with updated area pin codes of Nicobar.

Area Name Pin Code State Map
Campbelbay 744302 AN View Map
Carnicobar 744301 AN View Map
Champin 744303 AN View Map
Chowra 744303 AN View Map
Gandhinagar 744302 AN View Map
Kakana 744301 AN View Map
Kapanga 744304 AN View Map
Kondul Island 744302 AN View Map
Lapathy 744301 AN View Map
Little Nicobar 744302 AN View Map
Mildera 744304 AN View Map
Mus 744301 AN View Map
Nancowrie 744303 AN View Map
Nehrugram 744304 AN View Map
Pilomilo Island 744302 AN View Map
Sawai 744301 AN View Map
Shabnamnagar 744302 AN View Map
Teressa 744303 AN View Map
Trinket 744303 AN View Map
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